MySAP Career: Senior level SAP Practitioner

MySAP Career :

I am now giving SAP career Progress of experienced SAP Practitioners as MySAP Career  in my blog. The intention is to get a SAP Career summary of successful SAP practitioners in brief. I am sure this will help candidates who are planning to start SAP Career as well as those who are already working in SAP Consulting area..

Please do give your feedback about this new section..

Senior level SAP Practitioner:


  1. What is your current position/position last held?

Currently I am working as Freelance Consultant providing SAP Advisory Services and SAP Career Guidance and Mentoring. Before this I was CIO of a large IT company predominantly using SAP apps.

  1. Your Qualification

Engineering Graduate with Post Graduation in Management

  1. How long you have been working in SAP consulting area?

Started working in SAP area for about 15 years back.

  1. What was your professional experience before you moved to SAP area and how long?

            I worked mainly in manufacturing areas for few years and then moved into Information               Technology. Worked in IT for few years mainly in system developments in Manufacturing         areas and then got a break into SAP consulting area.

            No. Of years spent prior to start of SAP area was @ 10 years..

  1. How you started your career in SAP?

Start of  my career in SAP:  I got selected in an organisation using SAP to manage their systems in-house. The selection into SAP area was due to my professional experience which combined Domain experience in Manufacturing and IT experience of system development/managing large systems.

  1. How you got your initial SAP training?

The organisation which I joined provided SAP training. This training was extensive and as per the guide lines of SAP Ag. There were examinations conducted and due to my position of managing SAP services, I was given training in more modules.. Also overview training in Technical areas was provided.

  1. How you started working on your initial SAP Projects?

As I was selected in an organisation using SAP, I started working on in-house SAP projects. These were both Support/Enhancements and Implementation projects.

  1. Have you done SAP Certifications?

Yes, It is always beneficial to complete SAP Certification.

  1. What are subsequent SAP trainings which you did for your SAP career?

The subsequent SAP trainings were based on job/project requirements.  I did no. Of trainings – Integration, ASAP Project Management, Delta trainings for Version upgrades, SolMan, Industry Solution and no. of Technical Trainings given by SAP Technology partners etc….

  1. What are the important/Critical points one should keep in mind for SAP Career progress?
  • Good Functional knowledge or Technology (if you are a Technical Consultant)
  • Become expert at least in one of the Module
  • Good knowledge in related modules/Integration aspects
  • SAP Technology awareness if you are a Functional Consultant
  • SAP Project Management Methodology
  • Excellent Soft Skills
  • Team Management and above all

Be passionate about your Career Area you have chosen (SAP)

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