I want to work as SAP Pre Sales Consultant.

I want to work as SAP Pre Sales Consultant.

There are many SAP Consultants who want to shift their career from Consulting to Pre Sales or Sales function. I meet many SAP Consultants who are working in SAP Projects who feel that they want to move to Pre Sales area. Many of them are not aware about the role, the pre-requisites and the responsibilities associated with a Pre Sales job in SAP practice.

The Pre Sales function in SAP Practice, in any Organization depends on the size of SAP practice, the various products/services offerings and the size of the projects, the practice is handling. There may be other criteria also.

In many organizations the Pre sales function is part of Sales function or in some cases is part of Delivery organization. It depends on the organization and will vary from org to org.

Now let us understand the Pre Sales Consultant profile in a general:

  • The Pre Sales Consultant is expected to possess an expert level knowledge of SAP product and the various solution offerings. In most of the cases, he is part of Sales team formed for an opportunity in sales process.
  • Th Pre Sales Consultant normally gets involved in meetings with Customer to understand Customer requirements, expectations from SAP product solution.
  • He gets involved in Product/offerings presentations and demonstrations if required.
  • He is considered as Solution expert and if required, will get further inputs/support from delivery team.
  • He gets involved in proposal preparation and subsequent discussions as & when required till closure of the deal.
  • Gets involved in post sales support for project delivery initiation. He is the link between the Sales cycle and the delivery execution.
  • Depending on size of organization and the sales opportunities, he may get involved in multiple engagements.

If the SAP practice is large enough then many organizations have a large team of Pre Sales and there are various roles within the Pre sales team. These are Pre Sales Consultant, Expert Pre sales Consultants, Solution Architect etc..

Looking at the above, it’s very clear that unless you have a good understanding/knowledge of SAP product/solution offerings of your organization, it’s very difficult to perform as Pre Sales Consultant.


Keep your Linkedin Profile Updated

Keep your LinkedIn Profile Updated

In today’s world your presence on FB, LinkedIn, Google is used by many to understand you as a person, as a professional. Professional profile on LinkedIn is referred by Recruiters, HR Managers, and your colleagues/Superiors. In Indian context, your LinkedIn profile is referred during matrimony if you are an eligible bachelor!!

In spite of knowing the above facts, many people do not update & maintain their profiles correctly and in turn loose some of the opportunities..Somebody who is looking for a job, prepares his/her CV taking lot of efforts but many times ignores LinkedIn profile. Here is a simple way to ensure that your CV & LinkedIn profile are in sync and are updated.

  1. Keep your latest CV for reference with you.
  2. Once you have logged in on LinkedIn, go to Profile Edit or Review.
  3. Click on Drop down Arrow next to VIEW and click on “Export to PDF”
  4. This will generate a .pdf file with your name as file name..This contains your profile title, Summary, Specialties,  Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education etc….In fact its your CV.
  5. Save the file on hard disk.. This also works as your back up for your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Do a cross check and ensure to update any missing details on LinkedIn profile..

Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

One of the important thing everybody talks is Networking.. This is more true for any person who is planning his/her Career progress, Career movement. People do use Linkedin for connecting with many professionals and I have seen many just showing their No. Of connections on LinkedIn as a great achievement! The real question is “Does this help you in any way??”  The Networking should add value to you professionally – it may be related to your job, knowledge, personal growth in certain skills, your hobbies etc…

To get such value from Networking requires certain investment from you.. It’s not money but you have to invest your Time and you also should be in a position to reciprocate in a similar way to others..

Many people just connect at various stages of your Career and then you lose their track..Time has elapsed and you may not be knowing about their current status, activities..Do you face one such problem of NOT keeping in touch with your contacts??

Here is a simple way to Keep In Touch with your important Contacts.

Many people have this excellent habit of keeping in touch with our colleagues….

  • Take a list of Contacts from your Outlook/Gmail/or any mail service you are using.. Just send a Hello note to one good contact in a week and you will be in touch with 52 contacts in a year…The Hello note can be just a hello note or give some update about you…It may be your new assignment, your career movement, your new role in organization etc…
  • Take out 15 minutes in a week and call a contact….Just say Hello, may be Chat for some time on your common subjects or updates from your side since last conversation….
  • Take out 30 minutes in a month and meet one good contact…

This is just to develop a habit to keep in touch.. Once you follow this and it becomes part of your routine, you will always be connected !!!

This method has helped me  a lot and I have been in touch with my mentors on regular basis through out my career….


The ERP market is one of the fastest growing for all the IT & Consulting organisations. This has opened multiple opportunities for IT professionals as well as for professionals without IT experience but having good domain experience. The career progress in ERP/SAP has been a big challenge and many ERP consultants get stuck up in Career progress for lack of direction/guidance.

One should consult ERP/SAP professionals who have been working in ERP/SAP area for a long time and have mentored SAP professionals for making a successful SAP career.

There are two types of Mentoring programs which are normally required for ERP/SAP Consultants:

  • Career Movement to SAP from Non SAP
    • Evaluation of Career so far
    • Fit/Non Fit for ERP Career
    • Planning for Career Shift advise
    • On going Mentoring Process
  • Guidance for Career Acceleration
    • Evaluation of Career so far Interview/discussion assessment
    • Identifying ways to enhance Career
    • Plan preparation & Continuous Guidance/Mentoring

I have come across many people who do not understand the process of Mentoring.. Of course there are many more who at the first place do not understand that they require a good career guidance i.e. mentoring.

So how do we define who is a Mentor and what is the Role of a Mentor:

  •  A mentor is a Professional advisor who agrees to provide expertise to “mentee” or “protégé” in order to help them build and succeed in their career.
  • A mentor guides/helps the mentee develop their skill set & experience.



ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services

The career progress in ERP/SAP has been a big challenge for many and one of the main reasons is lack of good guidance.
I have been working in ERP/SAP area for more than 15 years and have guided/mentored hundreds of SAP professionals for making a successful SAP career.
I am willing to give guidance to young members in this area.
Those interested can contact me at agashe.suhas@gmail.com