Your CV/LinkedIn Profile is your ‘Brand’

Other day, I was interviewing an aspiring SAP Consultant. She was SAP Certified but without any SAP Project experience. Her earlier functional experience was very good and her communications skills were also good. We were somehow getting a feeling that she has a bit of casual attitude. The interview panel had shortlisted her. The only thing which the panel found not up to the mark was her CV. The feedback was given to her and then we just looked at her LinkedIn profile. It was just giving name, college name, qualification and the name of company where she was working prior to SAP training…

HR representative promptly raised a question – Do you think we can present this candidate as SAP Consultant who cannot prepare a professional CV or maintain own LinkedIn profile?

In a second incident, I got an email about SAP Career guidance and the candidate gave a very brief professional background. I just thought about checking his profile on LinkedIn for more details and was surprised. His LinkedIn profile was briefer than what he had written to me in email!!

Your profile is your ‘brand’ and do take efforts to make it up-to-date and professional. I am again repeating below my earlier write-up on how to keep your LinkedIn profile updated

Keep your LinkedIn Profile Updated

In today’s world your presence on FB, LinkedIn, Google is used by many to understand you as a person, as a professional. Professional profile on LinkedIn is referred by Recruiters, HR Managers, and your colleagues/Superiors.

In spite of knowing the above facts, many people do not update & maintain their profiles correctly and in turn loose some of the opportunities..Somebody who is looking for a job, prepares his/her CV taking lot of efforts but many times ignores LinkedIn profile. Here is a simple way to ensure that your CV & LinkedIn profile are in sync and are updated.

  1. Keep your latest CV for reference with you.
  2. Once you have logged in on LinkedIn, go to Profile..
  3. Click on Drop down Arrow next to EDIT and click on “Export to PDF”
  4. This will generate a .pdf file with your name as file name..This contains your profile title, Summary, Specialities, Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education etc….In fact its your CV.
  5. Save the file on hard disk.. This also works as your back up for your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Do a cross check and ensure to update any missing details on LinkedIn profile..


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