Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

One of the important thing everybody talks is Networking.. This is more true for any person who is planning his/her Career progress, Career movement. People do use Linkedin for connecting with many professionals and I have seen many just showing their No. Of connections on LinkedIn as a great achievement! The real question is “Does this help you in any way??”  The Networking should add value to you professionally – it may be related to your job, knowledge, personal growth in certain skills, your hobbies etc…

To get such value from Networking requires certain investment from you.. It’s not money but you have to invest your Time and you also should be in a position to reciprocate in a similar way to others..

Many people just connect at various stages of your Career and then you lose their track..Time has elapsed and you may not be knowing about their current status, activities..Do you face one such problem of NOT keeping in touch with your contacts??

Here is a simple way to Keep In Touch with your important Contacts.

Many people have this excellent habit of keeping in touch with our colleagues….

  • Take a list of Contacts from your Outlook/Gmail/or any mail service you are using.. Just send a Hello note to one good contact in a week and you will be in touch with 52 contacts in a year…The Hello note can be just a hello note or give some update about you…It may be your new assignment, your career movement, your new role in organization etc…
  • Take out 15 minutes in a week and call a contact….Just say Hello, may be Chat for some time on your common subjects or updates from your side since last conversation….
  • Take out 30 minutes in a month and meet one good contact…

This is just to develop a habit to keep in touch.. Once you follow this and it becomes part of your routine, you will always be connected !!!

This method has helped me  a lot and I have been in touch with my mentors on regular basis through out my career….


About Suhas Agashe
IT, SAP Consulting : Strategy,Implementation,Change Management, ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services, SAP Career Counselling

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