Different Ways for Career shift to SAP:

“How can I get into SAP?”

This is a common question asked by most of the people who want to move to ERP/SAP career from their non SAP career. As discussed in earlier posts, it depends on your professional qualification, your domain/technical experience, Soft skills, your training in particular area and the most important is the Opportunity you get for this career move..

Assuming that you have the required professional qualification & experience, let us understand the different ways people have followed to enter SAP career.


  • Get involved in Implementation in your Organization:
    • Your current organization decides to implement SAP and you are one of the most competent employees selected to be part of the SAP implementation team. In most of the organizations, such employees are shifted from their current roles to the Core implementation team.
    • You may not be lucky as above, but are selected as a key user in a particular module. You get involved in process finalisation discussions, user testing/acceptance, even in end-user training also…
    • For both the above scenarios, employees are trained as per requirement level during the project.
  • You are one of the end-user of SAP in a particular function/module.. You have become familiar with SAP usage and know the business processes in your area.
  • You are already working/using another ERP and get an opportunity to move to SAP
  • Many people decide to pursue a career move to SAP and get trained in SAP
  • You are already in IT/technical area and get an opportunity to support SAP as part of IT team
  • You are in IT/Technical area and decide to pursue a career move to SAP and get trained in SAP technical area.
  • There are many IT consulting organizations, who recruit graduates, MBA, post graduates and impart them SAP training. This is part of their induction training and subsequent to training the employees become part of ERP/SAP team.
  • There are opportunities for Domain experts recruited by IT/Consulting organizations and trained in appropriate SAP Industry solutions..

I have listed some of the paths followed by people for moving into SAP.  The most important things are always Professional qualification, domain experience (functional/technical), good training, Certification, Soft skills and use of all these to ensure value addition to Organization.

The above different paths will give an opportunity to move into SAP and one has to work hard to become a successful SAP Consultant. This need to be planned & executed very well as it affects your career.



About Suhas Agashe
IT, SAP Consulting : Strategy,Implementation,Change Management, ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services, SAP Career Counselling

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