Career Progress –Junior FI Consultant

I met a Junior SAP FI consultant and he was curious to know how he can move forward in his SAP Career. His name was Vinay and he is Chartered Accountant and has taken SAP FI training. Subsequently he has been working in SAP FI support project for last @ 2 years. As in such cases, he was worried that he will not make career progress in SAP as he is working on SAP Support Project and NOT on implementation project. There was little chance that his current organisation can provide him an implementation project in near future.

I asked Vinay about his last two years experience and the skills/competency he has achieved in his SAP area, namely SAP FI..I just asked him few following questions:

“Can you say that you have mastered FI module and you know AR, AP, and GL fully?”

“Are you able to resolve most of the issues referred in above areas?”

“What is your competency level for FI integration with other modules implemented in your organisation?”

“Are you confident that you can complete FI module from start to end? You should be confident to do it at least for a dummy project!!”

“What is your comfort level for Master Data- design/migration etc.?”

“What is your exposure to AM, and CO module?”

“ If I ask a Senior FI/CO consultant from your team to assess your knowledge in above areas, will you be judged a competency of K2 in above areas?”


Vinay answered most of the questions but admitted at the end that he is not that confident in many areas!! We discussed about his current project and the work he is doing..There are many areas even in his current project that will give him lot of value addition.


This thinking that there is great value addition only on implementation project was removed finally. I suggested him “Just concentrate on any of the sub modules AR,AP,GL which you enjoy the most. Become a master in that area and use your knowledge for issue resolution, helping others. Anybody who is stuck up in that area should recollect your name for solution..Become ‘Guru’ for that area in your project..”

“Then concentrate on other areas, Integration, Authorisation controls, ABAP specs writing etc…and for any new upgrade, implementation project you will be selected by default!!”


The best way is to use the opportunity available in the environment..Try to add value to the project by acquiring higher skills/competency and you will be making Career progress….




About Suhas Agashe
IT, SAP Consulting : Strategy,Implementation,Change Management, ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services, SAP Career Counselling

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