The ERP market is one of the fastest growing for all the IT & Consulting organisations. This has opened multiple opportunities for IT professionals as well as for professionals without IT experience but having good domain experience. The career progress in ERP/SAP has been a big challenge and many ERP consultants get stuck up in Career progress for lack of direction/guidance.

One should consult ERP/SAP professionals who have been working in ERP/SAP area for a long time and have mentored SAP professionals for making a successful SAP career.

There are two types of Mentoring programs which are normally required for ERP/SAP Consultants:

  • Career Movement to SAP from Non SAP
    • Evaluation of Career so far
    • Fit/Non Fit for ERP Career
    • Planning for Career Shift advise
    • On going Mentoring Process
  • Guidance for Career Acceleration
    • Evaluation of Career so far Interview/discussion assessment
    • Identifying ways to enhance Career
    • Plan preparation & Continuous Guidance/Mentoring

I have come across many people who do not understand the process of Mentoring.. Of course there are many more who at the first place do not understand that they require a good career guidance i.e. mentoring.

So how do we define who is a Mentor and what is the Role of a Mentor:

  •  A mentor is a Professional advisor who agrees to provide expertise to “mentee” or “protégé” in order to help them build and succeed in their career.
  • A mentor guides/helps the mentee develop their skill set & experience.



About Suhas Agashe
IT, SAP Consulting : Strategy,Implementation,Change Management, ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services, SAP Career Counselling

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