SAP Career for Finance Professionals:

SAP Career for Finance Professionals:


We always come across requirements of SAP FI (Financial Accounting) & SAP CO (Controlling) consultants. Most of the IT Consulting organizations have always open positions for SAP Consultants having experience in FI,CO. If you can talk to any Recruiter from IT Consulting company. he will always have open positions for SAP FI/CO consultants.

Let us first understand why there is always a demand for SAP FI/CO consultants:

  • SAP is being used by large no. of organizations and Financial Accounting is normally implemented in almost all organizations. This may not be a case for other modules such as PP,QA,PM etc..
  • One of the key decision maker for SAP implementation,upgrade, roll outs etc. is CFO of the Organization and he/she normally ensures that functionalities of FI/CO are covered in the projects at first place.
  • There are Tax/Compliance requirements for each company/country and ERP like SAP definitely helps in fulfilling such requirements..Rather it has become a MUST to have an ERP for all such requirements.
  • There are changes in various Tax applications & rates and it needs to be incorporated as per laid down rules within defined periods.
  • Even after implementation, as a part of ongoing support, organization requires FI/CO consultants
  • There are always new add on projects started after core SAP implementation and form functionality and/or Integration point of view, there is always a need of FI/CO consultants. 


During my many years of SAP Consulting, I have always observed a constant demand for good FI/CO consultants..

There are no. of Finance professionals enquiring about a move to SAP consulting area. Such professionals should first understand the prerequisites of a good SAP FI/CO consultants, the Career path available in Consulting before making a decision.




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