Starting SAP Career

How to start SAP Career?

One question which is commonly asked to me is How to start my SAP Career?

There are many professionals working in Non SAP area who are interested in moving to SAP consulting for various reasons. The reasons for change and attractions for SAP career need to be well thought off by individual before jumping into SAP career..These will vary from individual to individual and will be met at different levels with Career change. One must be very very clear what he/she wants to achieve with career change to SAP.

What are those many reasons perceived for change to SAP career:

  • Good opportunities for SAP Consultants
  • There is always demand for SAP consultants as compared to other IT professions
  • Its combination of Non IT profession with IT profession
  • Want to explore IT Consulting as compared to routine work in my domain
  • It will give me opportunities to work abroad
  • Want to earn much more than what I get today
  • Want to work in Consulting organization and not in Manufacturing/financial organizations
  • Want to be in IT as it has many advantages
  • Was SAP user and know much more than those Consultants advising my company
  • Am already Project Manager in IT company but want to manage SAP projects
  • There is Growth in SAP consulting as copared to my profession

One can get many more but I have put very frequently quoted reasons for planning a move to SAP career..I have been interacting with many of those aspirants and have found that most of the times they do not have complete picture of SAP Career & Consulting..Morever many of them are carried away by the opinions of friends/colleagues..In many cases the peer pressure is the only push for planning a move.

Any career change has to be planned well after understanding the new profession, its requirements, own expectations, additional skills/efforts required for career change, support required etc..

It should be planned & executed very well as it affects your Career and affects you…


About Suhas Agashe
IT, SAP Consulting : Strategy,Implementation,Change Management, ERP/SAP Career mentoring/Advisory Services, SAP Career Counselling

2 Responses to Starting SAP Career

  1. Nasreentaj says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am working in network security,Basically my work is server support and mcafee products support.I want to shift to SAP ABAP career.I have completed ABAP course and a project as well.Can you please advice me,how to shift to SAP ABAP with this experience?

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